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tv   ABC 7 News at 1100  ABC  January 24, 2014 11:00pm-11:36pm EST

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>> and heartbreaking crash, at least one te captioned by the national captioning institute bundle up and brace yourself for more snow this weekend. doug hill spent the evening fine-tuning his forecast. he will be joining us in just a minute.
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this heartbreaking story coming out of montgomery county tonight. at least one teenager is dead and another is hurt. the two were hit while they were walking down a narrow road. chopper 7 was there just after it happened. robert lyles is near the scene tonight. he has the latest. been nine hours, it is still shut down by montgomery county police. investigators are in the middle of the street trying to figure out what caused this horrible deadly crash. witnesses say they already know the cause -- street racing. >> she loves the lord. , says will need her faith a close friend of the ninth grade girl. washydown on the sidewalk and a classmate left midterm
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she and thele classmate left midterm exams. her classmate did not survive. her brother survived, he was walking next to his sister when this silver honda and blue chrysler slammed into one another. >> we are not prepared to classify it as street racing. >> the investigation is ongoing. >> we do believe that speed is a factor. we do have witnesses in the area that saw events. drivers spokee with police and then with us off-camera. she watched both of the teenage drivers revved their inches while stopped at the intersection. the moment the life -- the moment the light cycle to green, the boys floored it. at the very spot where the girls were walking, the two lanes
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become one. investigators have yet to figure out if either driver attempted police go want to say that many of the crashes here are deadly. friends of the surviving teenage in critical, is but stable condition at children's high school. the two male drivers are expected to fully recover. police must decide if this was a case of street racing and whether one or both of the drivers will be charged. we are live in gaithersburg. >> what a sad development. let's talk about the weather. you can prepare for even more cold tomorrow and the potential for snow. doug hill is here to let us know how much and when. >> late morning, midday.
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.0 degrees outside 18, gaithersburg. 17, hagerstown. 22, want to go. -- quite go. -- quantico. it feels like it is in the single digits. we are in the upper 20's. tomorrow will be warmer, but we have the windchill advisory overnight. we will keep our eyes on the next clipper. it will bring snow showers, maybe some minor accumulations. >> a safety alert for drivers. someone has been throwing objects at vehicles on one of our busiest highways. criminals targeted three locations along the george washington parkway. richard reeve is live in arlington tonight.
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drivers are dealing with ice and snow, but what about project files -- projectiles thrown at your car? for road weary drivers, tired of ice and snow, there is a new hazard on the gw parkway. >> it is kind of disturbing. >> according to a police memo, something hard enough to break windows. >> we need to catch the guy. that's hard police are investigating 16 incidents taking place since last august. someone is firing projectiles
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from an unknown weapon/mechanism . >> it is very scary. >> this cabdriver says it has happened to him. the side panel got pretty gained pretty good last year. >> the kids were throwing stones, smash my window. >> there are already enough hazards on the roads at this time of year. >> at least 11 of these incidents have happened off 395, most of them in the past month or so. arlington. in armynths after retired ranger was found dead inside his him, police in prince william county make an arrest.
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they found his body in november. a friend arrived at his home and found the door opened and call police. frantic evidence led police to james. he is charged with murder. for genuine senator creigh deeds -- virginia state senator creigh deeds is opening up the attack that nearly killed him. his son stabbed his father and then took his own life. deeds talked about his son's mental illness. the system failed him, his family, and his son. to beo not want gus defined by his illness or what happened on the 19th. he was a great kid. the system failed. he is now pushing the general
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assembly to reform the mental health system. his son was denied a bed in a psychiatric hospital. the man who defeated creigh mcdonnell and his wife stand accused of corruption . they pleaded not guilty to those charges. the judge ruled they could be free as long as they do not leave the country. accused of wire fraud, making false statements, and obstruction. those charges make the whole state look bad. >> you do not want this happening to your state. that is a terrible thing. the judge has set a trial date for the end of july. it is expected to take five to six weeks. lanier spentcathy some time in the hot seat.
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officer arrests have been happening by the dozens four years. -- for years. >> the council have lots of questions. the chief came prepared for some answers. >> these are shocking events. theommy wells laid out numbers on police misconduct. >> 47 sworn members have been convicted. >> there is the most recent high-profile cases. mark washington accused of taking naked pictures of a teen runaway. another suspected of running a prostitution ring out of his sound. -- out of his home. duty, we cannot serve every interaction with the public. >> in the hot seat, police chief
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cathy lanier. her department is trying to do a better job of screening. >> i am working to implement a body camera system for police officers. >> she also told the council sometimes she had no choice. arbitrators make or keep bad cops on the streets over a technicality. >> i've been forced to rehire 28 terminated members. a disservice to the community that we are sworn to protect. >> the chief asked the council to consider some new legislative reforms that might curb the power of the arbitrators. >> thank you.
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keeping an eye on a lot of people in the district today, an unusual sight in northwest washington. check this out. eyes were glued to a snowy owl. the bird was sitting on a ledge outside the washington post building this afternoon. >> i had to make a u-turn and take a picture. very unusual. >> these birds usually live in the tundra of the arctic. what are they doing here? this extremely cold weather is causing the birds to fly further south. olympics uniforms are unveiled, and the state department issues a warning.
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>> the dallas buyers club. i am arch campbell
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tonight abouttion her brutal murder at a 711 in montgomery county. the suspect shawn king appeared in court this afternoon. he is accused of killing a store clerk early thursday morning. prioras acting strangely to stabbing him 75 times. a judge denied bond. the uniformsate for the u.s. olympians were revealed, the state department issues a warning. the uniforms -- athletes are
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being cautioned to not wear them outside the perimeter. >> we give this kind of guidance around big international events. this was based on discussions with the state department. >> thousands of americans will be traveling to sochi. they are doing everything they can to keep everyone safe. an exit strategy is in the works in case of any kind of emergency. dallas buyers club is getting a lot of buzz these days. what does arch campbell think? he takes us to the movies with this review. >> you have tested positive for
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hiv. >> matthew mcconaughey has won the golden globe and screen actors guild award for his portrait of ron woodruff, a dallas electrician who tests hiv-positive in the mid-1980s. reading up on his condition, he determines that alternative drugs could help more than the few drugs approved by the medical establishment. he recruits transgender patient to help sell membership. 3.5 stars. a weekend best bets in an oscar contender. have a nice weekend, everybody. this is shaping up to be the kind of weekend you want to curl up and watch a movie. >> a little minor stuff.
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let's tell you what is happening. first, windchill advisory up once again north and west of the city. tomorrow, maybe some minor accumulations. maybe temperatures might budge just a bit. it will not get warm, but maybe we will get out of the 20's for a little bit. no -- the the hyatt high and low at reagan national. some light snow. the advance of another clipper type system and the advanced of the cold front coming in. we will continue to see the clouds increase overnight. computer models suggest that once it develops, as it gets to the east coast, it will probably see an area east of town.
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it may redevelop as we head to the afternoon. there is the clipper and there is the cold front. reinforcing the colder air around the area. it will bring the possibility of light snow. computer models do suggest we could have a band of snow as we get to the late morning and early afternoon. it will come and go, a very progressive nature. a band of snow east of i-95. night, a fewt passing clouds. sunday looks fairly bright. -- computer model predicted maybe two inches in northern baltimore county. half-inch here. back to the west, not much being analyzed here. brief snow showers through the weekend.
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up to 28 degrees on sunday with partly cloudy skies. the next seven days will bring this up and down kind of stuff. we will bottom out tuesday and wednesday. up and down and up and down. we are gearing up for a cold super bowl week. to getheading out west our coverage with russell wilson. maybe it is time to start rocking another shirt or jersey.
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>> and now the toyota sports desk. >> the caps have eight games
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before the olympic break. four of which are on the road. if there is ever in a time they have -- they need to step it up, it is now. clearly, it did not happen a few hours ago. i think he is the bob costas of hockey. caps comeback. jason is there. it is not enough. the capital still lose, seven in a row. wizards in phoenix. star, this is down court. the wizards are tied late in regulation. what a night for carmelo anthony. he is dropping shots everywhere, 62 points to be exact.
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10 days away from the big game. we will be there. the broncos are the site favorites over seattle. peyton manning is the attention grabber. he was back on the field for the first time today. it is his devotion to detail that is impressing everyone, especially the seattle quarterback. >> i tried to use that in my game. i have a long way to go, obviously. i try to do all of the little things and that is what he does. >> according to reports, davis is not winning off the field. he failed another drug test. he tore his achilles tendon the following year. this season, he was inactive for
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six games. he is now a free agent. jordan is your first-round leader after shooting a 63. he was just three years old when tiger woods won his first masters. >> tiger is not looking too good right now. the teens.s in does not stop people from jumping into the chesapeake bay.
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>> 18 hit and killed and another seriously injured in gaithersburg. -- a teenager hit and killed and another seriously injured in gaithersburg. the forecast for the weekend. you can read all of those stories on today of all days, would you believe that hundreds of people stripped down for the 18th annual polar bear plunge? the air temperature was about 14. the water was about 34 degrees. today's plunge kicks off the
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weekend of events. beorrow, 10,000 people will jumping into the bay to raise money for the special olympics.
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>> billy joel fans, big news. we are giving away tickets to see him at nationals park. to and enter for your chance to win a pair of tickets. you can even enter once a day. >> here is the weekend forecast. cloudy and breezy and chilly tomorrow. light snow or snow showers late morning through midday.
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>> from hollywood, i it's "jimmy kimmel live." tonight, meryl streep, joseph gordon-levitt and music from johnny lang with cleto and the cletones. and now, what more can i say. here's jimmy kimmel. [ applause ]


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